33 days down, the main thing that happened yesterday though was wholly unpoison related, though still mildly nefarious. i had to go deep into enemy territory yesterday, which was mildly stressful.  Aiden was a little star, it was another of the many assessments he has to go through – this one is going to take a few more visits to complete though, there’s also a recce this week to scope out a potential nursery for him to go to, some of the local nurseries have flatly refused to entertain the notion taking him, with such excuses as “we don’t have any available spaces until September 2012” really…….. at least be honest (and don’t insult our intelligence, as this excuse only materialised once his ongoing autism diagnoses was mentioned) and say you’d rather not take him. All part of the fun 😀

Well after the awkwardness of the day, and in part due to my meanderings about comfort food, I treated myself to bangers and Mash, as you may have noticed. Hmmm and very nice it was too, this coupled with a pretty decent evenings viewing (a good episode of the new series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, rescued the new series after I become disenfranchised with last weeks episode), then it was the film Revolver which was enjoyable……. Slumber didn’t come until about 01-00, and I managed not to read any nightmare inducing Zombie fiction (though I am eagerly awaiting the next installment from ukzombiekiller, there are loads of bodies that need disposing of now, and I’m feeling like one of the undead currently). Although sleep came at a relatively civil time for me, I’ve awoken feeling extra awful.  I suspect that a rogue phantom HGV drove through my bedroom sometime between 01-00 and 06-00. It’s not the usual bout of exhaustion this time around…… i do recognise it from all the years I put up with being ill, it’s almost flu-like with every pathetic little cell aching, and a feeling of running on fumes….. Therefore it looks as if today will be pyjama and duvet day 😦 I’ve also got the little people, so I need to figure out some grand scheme regarding collecting Paige from school – it’s not like it’ll make the looks of loathing I get any less if I turn up pyjama’d up, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make the trip to the school…… hmmm there is a rough plan of sorts……….

So after all that I can confirm that the word for the day is Bleurgh………….

Stay Slinky People


Poisoner extraordinaire