Oh no! I’ve only gone and done it yet again haven’t I? Yep I’ve taken a load more photos of the days epic adventure πŸ™‚
We did do some mundane stuff this morning, like watch some of the Olympics and do some shopping. But then Paige was asked a question by her grandad which went thus “Paige, would you like to come down the river and try some fishing?”
The answer was a resounding yes! So accompanied by my good self as well, the 3 of us set off for some river based adventuring. I wasn’t sure how Paige would react – young kids very often find things like fishing to be a little boring……. Fortunately however within literally seconds of her 1st ever cast if her 1st ever try at fishing, Paige had caught a fish πŸ™‚ This was followed a minute later by her 2nd ever fish…….. All of this happened before her Grandad had managed to set up his own fishing rod hehehe πŸ™‚
So Paige managed to catch a Roach and a Perch – both small, but infinitely exciting πŸ™‚ Grandad also managed to bag a slightly larger Perch. But then to round off the trip, Paige hooked another small fish, we don’t know what it was because as she was reeling it in, a very large Pike decided that it swallow it whole, and ended up on the end of the line instead………! Really fishing trips don’t get much better than this πŸ™‚ Grandad took control of the situation and after quite a battle the Pike finally managed to break free. It’s worth pointing out that the tackle Paige was using was a very lightweight setup, so keeping the Pike on for any amount of time was an epic achievement, made all the more impressive when we realized at the end of the tussle that the hook had actually straightened out somewhat πŸ˜€
Well after this it’s clear that Paige is keen to go fishing again, so we went back down this evening kitted out with a spinning rig, to try and land “the monster”…….. After a few great hours though we were monster less, but we had bagged quite a few (increasing in size) Perch. What a fantastic introduction to fishing Paige had gained, she is keen to go again. Sadly our long visit comes to an end tomorrow though 😦
Right here’s a load of fishing pictures now, plus one of a very tired out Aiden sleeping in my lap πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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