A very tiring, but good day today. Myself, Paige and Aiden had a fun walk to school first thing this morning, with Aiden once again walking 90% of the way. The last 10% was completed upon my shoulders, much to his amusement. The only slightly sour note was a comment from one of the sanctimonious parents to me whilst we were waiting for the children to go into school. She turned around and said to me “it’s good to see you’ve got him to walk here this morning, the sooner you give up using the push chair, the better. You’ve got to take the plunge and make and effort, Aiden will be better for it.” Clearly this person is an idiot! She likes to think she’s the queen bee, and fortunately doesn’t usually deign to speak to me. Of course if she’d ever bothered to remove her own head from arse she would have noticed that Aiden has been walking to school since he started their, she may also have been interested to know that Aiden and I used to walk to his nursery regularly. But obviously with her only child she has a far superior grasp of complex parenting techniques than I do……. But hey, I’m not bitter, I just smiled at her briefly and then carried on playing with Aiden, he insisted on me chasing him around the trees at the school today, whilst giggling loudly 😉
Never mind, I didn’t let their ill thought out comments ruin my day. Even better when I collected Aiden today the report for his day at school was full of praise. He had a fantastic time at school and paid attention during lessons, as well as joining in when asked, he did really well today, and all this as well as walking into school which has previously been raised by certain people as a concern 🙂
I still tend to take the push chair to collect Aiden (oh I’m such a terrible parent!) as obviously he’s usually tired out, and due to the bad weather we’ve been experiencing (actually normal weather), it just helps to keep him sheltered from the elements 😉
During our walk back I did encounter something quite amusing, but I’m going to leave that story for tomorrow, as elements of it are a little rantastical, and I fear I’ve been a little too caustic already today. However I did take the opportunity to snap some pictures of Aiden safely tucked up in his push chair, he also insisted that get lightning Mcqueen in one of the piccies 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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