Well I didn’t do much today, I had a quick run round some shops with a good friend, and then got home and made sure I watched V for Vendetta. This is a 5th November tradition, as it the story has a great message (even more so this year with US elections happening). Remember people shouldn’t fear their governments, governments should fear the people, as the people decide the government………. But the best quote from the film is still “Ideas are bullet proof” πŸ™‚
I think given that I watched a film about an idiotic fear spreading totalitarian government being toppled by right thinking people, and as I have no other news of note to share, it’s the right time to share the idiotic stickers in evidence around my area.
Following on from the “Ban the Burkha” I noticed another that said “Hang the IRA – remember the victims” and finally a sticker saying “Ban Halal meat – stop the cruelty” this one openly declared that it was from the national front.
Now 1st off let me state clearly, I do not endorse these beliefs, or agree with them in any way. I’m only showing that pictures and discussing them to point out the bigoted idiots that clearly live near me. Although I do recognise that this is just part of living in a free democracy, these people are entitled to their somewhat warped beliefs. However we should combat their ignorance with education.
With that education point in mind, I’ll let you know what I thought when I saw these stickers.
Lets take the “hang the IRA” one first. I must say I’m very impressed that they managed to boil down what was a very complicated and convoluted conflict into one short statement. As I remember (growing up with the “troubles” in the news everyday) there were as many atrocities committed by the Loyalist paramilitaries (and arguably the security forces) as there were by the IRA. So to sum up the suffering of all the victims into the punishment of only one of the factions responsible, seems a little flawed to me………..
Ok Halal meat next, I’m somewhat confused as to why they’ve chosen food preparation as their target here. Yes it’s a different way of doing things, and yes it’s based on a belief in an imaginary friend, but they don’t seem to be so riled up about Kosher food preparation. And surely if Halal meat so offends you then feel free to become vegetarian. For me though the real clincher on this one, is the sheer audacity of the national front sending out a message to stop cruelty. Because of course they’re known for their reasoned debate and carefully constructed arguments used during conflict resolution….!!!!???
Right well here are the hideous pictures, that once again I’m showing only to highlight the stupidity that is out there…………,,

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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