Woo-hoo! That’s the 1st day back at work done 😀 and the team I’ve joined all appear to be lovely hehehe. Of course you may remember that my interview was rather hilariously interrupted by a fire alarm, do I really had to a lot to live up to………. Today didn’t disappoint in terms of hilarity, although it was a rather ridiculous humour, here’s what happened 😉
So I got to work ok, the previous night I’d made sure I read the paper work detailing all the things I needed to take along. There was no mention of bringing along my passport (which incidentally is expired). However we received a phone call from human(e) resources dept. They required that I produce my passport to prove my eligibility to work in the UK, without which I wasn’t allowed to start work today (?!?)
Now lets not forget that I worked at this place only 5 weeks ago, and prior to that I worked there for 5 years………. We all tried to point this out to the human(e) resources dept, but they wouldn’t budge on their decision, no passport, no worky 😉
Their solution was that I go home and come back……… Yeah that was possible, but it was 2 bus journey each way, plus it involved double the travel budget that I had available at the time……… Fortunately someone offered to give me a lift home and back, and we thought that was the end of the unfolding Shakespearean farce, but not quite. My passport had to be taken to another building, upon arrival there my new boss (who had been asked to take the passport over), was finally confronted with the last layer of bureaucratic stupidity. Upon looking at the passport they asked where I was, as they needed to compare the 15 year old photograph against me to prove who I was. Fortunately common sense prevailed at this point before blood was shed hehehe.
So there you go, all fun, and I was finally allowed to stay and work, Im just curious as to wait delightful adventures are going to reveal themselves on Thursday when I’m back at work 🙂
Work was at least a thorough distraction during the last day of my long lonely stint 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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