What a great day! It started with the waking of my favourite little people and getting them ready for school πŸ™‚
The walk to school, whilst providing a couple of photo opportunities, wasn’t the best we’ve ever managed. Aiden just kept deciding that he didn’t want to walk. He didn’t get upset in any way, he just kept stopping and laying on the floor, then insisting that I carry him. And he was very specific about the carrying, a ride on Daddy’s shoulders wasn’t suitable, even though it’s easier for Daddy, it had to be the “baby on the hip” carrying style. I wonder if this would mean he’d have a tricky day at school, but I was delighted when I collected him. I was informed that Aiden had been fantastic all day at school (even joining in with finger painting – and he doesn’t usually like anything on his hands!), in fact his teaching assistant described today as the best she had had with Aiden since he started going to school. I was so proud of him πŸ˜€
We then had a quick walk home and I got to spend about 40 minutes with him before he got collected. He did fall fast asleep on the walk home – being awesome is so very tiring πŸ™‚
Instead of moping about this evening lamenting the absence of my little ones, I was fortunate enough to be go along to a great comedy gig. Once again I went to see the outstanding Steve Hughes, and once again he didn’t disappoint πŸ˜‰
Phew well after such a great day it’s time to consider getting a little sleep in preparation for work tomorrow πŸ˜‰

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