The Gluten fuelled illness finally passed last night, so today was much better πŸ™‚
This morning we went on a quick adventure to the park, although it wasn’t as long as we’d hoped for, as it was rather wet and muddy 😦 but, that didn’t stop me getting some pictures of the fun.
When we returned from the park it was time for Paige to do her homework, which she gladly did with the help of Aiden and Nanny πŸ™‚
Eventually we returned to more northerly climes and ended up having a trip to the supermarket. This is only worth mentioning because Aiden got majorly upset while there. It’s another one if those stories that highlights particular challenges :-/ Both Paie and Aiden had been given a little money to treat themselves to some toys, so we went to the toy section. Paige made her selection quite quickly, however Aiden wasn’t so keen on making a hasty decision. This wasn’t too much of a problem, we were happy to wait, the problem came when another child pointed out a big (very expensive) lightning McQueen toy to Aiden. From that moment on his mind was made up and it wasn’t possible to get him to change it, even though we couldn’t afford it. This led to a full on meltdown as we wet round the supermarket, I was only able to bring this to an end by telling Aiden that we would write to Santa and tell where the toy was and to please bring it to Aiden at Christmas because he’s been so good at school. I know other children get upset regarding toys, but believe me this was a whole different level, he was I the ere of making himself sick from being so upset. Still we found a way round it πŸ˜‰

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