A very quick poison update, I managed (mosty, a couple of minor accidental ingestions), to remain Gluten free for 2 weeks now, and yes I’ve even managed to stick to having sandwiches (even at work) made from tasteless horrible expensive Gluten free bread 🙂
As a result upon waking up this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of stomach cramps and an unlisted stomach 🙂
I spent the morning in the very pleasurable company of a lovely friend, which prepared me for attending a funeral this afternoon (although there were some very nice friends there too). The funeral was pretty good (as these things go), for me even more so as the opening statement (given by a friend if mine) was a quote from the recently deceased. “At my funeral I don’t want a bloke in a frock pretending he knew to talk to the people I know, about what sort of person I was” that made me chuckle. I don’t mind people that subscribe to a particular religion, it’s entirely your own free choice, but it isn’t for me…… Personally I’ve read many books with much better characters, and if I were to follow an imaginary friend then it would be someone like Druss, Logan 9 Fingers, Derfel Cadarn, Leonidas, Macro or V.
Please note if you understood the majority of those names, then you should proudly call yourself a geek hehehe 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


Poisoner extraordinaire