After waking up with the little ones this morning and having a fun walk to school, I then needed to get on with some ball achingly unpleasant bureaucratic admin jobs, that had me travelling into and around town 😦
This meant I was pretty much non stop for most of the day……..
When I did finally sit down for a few minutes at home it was with Aiden, as time had flown by and I’d picked him up from school. At school today he caused widespread panic after attempting to hit his Teaching Assistant, she was great and managed to stop him, but, he then let out a long piercing shriek, which brought other members of staff running – thinking the apocalypse was upon them. After the shriek though Aiden was perfectly fine and did as he was asked πŸ™‚ At the moment it’s a little unsettling at school as there are Xmas activities occurring which are like the normal routine (eg Nativity play rehearsals etc). So on the whole Aiden is coping with these changes well πŸ™‚
After many hugs and kisses (I grabbed a quick pic of Aiden with his lollipop), I had to let the little ones leave and my long lonely stint began 😦
Because I have some epic friends though I was distracted tonight by a cinema trip to see Seven Psychopaths, and what a great film (but then it does have Christopher Walken in!), a great dark comedy πŸ˜‰
Finally you should all make some time to have a look at this, and keep a look out for more episodes, as it’s a familiar Zombie Expert that features, an you should take his advice πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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