Ok first day of the long lonely stint is out if the way, and thank you very much to work for keeping me occupied so that I could make it through the day 😉
Today at work we not only had secret Santa (I was “lucky” enough to get Gluten packed biscuits – fortunately Paige likes chocolate biscuits), but we had the curious (and something that to me has always been somewhat perplexing) Fuddle. Which is basically when everyone brings in some food we all stand awkwardly around a groaning table filled with aforementioned food, and eventually we all politely eat a little bit, so that the rest can slowly rot in front of us for the rest of the day. I was good and avoid all (nearly all of which was) the Gluten filled food, and provided a smorgasbord of Gluten free food 🙂
Obviously there are no cheeky child filled pictures today 😦 but fortunately the No Smoking Sign that has appeared emblazoned on my regular bus stop made me chuckle early this morning. So I took a picture, it’s an outside bus shelter, really it’s open air…….. Why is there a need to insist it is no smoking…….!?!

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


Poisoner extraordinaire