Thank you dear readers, loyal followers, stalkers and casual passers by (any people that don’t read this humble little blog clearly don’t deserve any of my heartfelt thanks hehehe). Another complete turn around the broiling nuclear explosion at the centre of our solar system had been completed, and in relative safety 🙂
I’m sat here all on my lonesome suffering stomach pain, but I’m still pretty happy 😉 watching the fireworks in London, and I liked the fact that ELO featured heavily in the music choice. I hope you are all having fun and staying safe.
On a rather humerus note it makes me chuckle that our modern communications networks always keep over at the turn of each year. Therefore any sensible Preppers could have a test every new year 😉
Well I won’t keep you lovely and awesome audience much longer – as my amazing little ones will be with me early in the morning – what a great start to 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love to you all, thanks for your support & comments – and also special thanks to those that have become like best friends – The Poisoner Salutes You!

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


Poisoner extraordinaire