Well the early hours of the morning turned out to be interesting………. And by interesting I clearly mean in the same way that for a few split seconds being eaten alive by a resurrected genetically modified Tyranosaurus Rex crossed with a Chihuahua would be. So at 02-00 I awoke feeling a certain affinity with a block of ice, fortunately someone was close by to administer nursing duties and pile blankets and quilts atop my shivering carcass. For the rest of the day I’ve managed to keep a repeat performance at bay by careful administration of some readily available pharmaceuticals 🙂
At about 07-00 the email concerning Aiden’s 1st back came through, and it was as I’d heard, he hadn’t had a particularly good day.
As I didn’t receive a summons from the school for an early collection, I went there at home time and collected my little ones 🙂
The first hand report for Aiden’s 2nd day wasn’t particularly good though. He had again experienced a bad day although he’d done lots of hitting out today, including one episode which involved throwing a chair. Nobody was hurt though. It’s just while he gets used to the school routine again, and I’m predicting a good day for him tomorrow. I did have a chat with him this evening, and we talked about having fun at school all day tomorrow, I also asked him if he’d like to take a chocolate into to school to give to the his teaching assistant in order to say sorry for hitting her today. Aiden seemed to think this was a good idea, so he’ll be picking out a chocolate for her tomorrow to take with him 😉
Right time to stave off the illness for the rest of the night 😉
I grabbed one sneaky pic of a very tired Aiden when we got home from school today 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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