Well I woke this morning not only full of cold, but also the old war wound – the stress fracture on my foot, seemed to have made an unannounced visit during the night, either that or I somehow managed to sprain my ankle whilst sleeping….?!?!? So there was lots of hobbling about this morning.
Upon waking Aiden was extremely clingy (so I grabbed a picture of him clutching my shoulder whilst I ate my breakfast – “tasty” gluten free toast). He was keen on setting off for school this morning, even though we had looked out a chocolate bar for his teaching assistant (henceforth to be known as Mrs C) as promised, after about 10 minutes of gentle coaxing and cajoling he finally decided to come along with myself and Paige (Paige was just awesome during these 10 minutes, she let me and Aiden get on with it, and patiently waited with her coat on).
Aiden also decided that he only wanted to walk about a quarter if the way today – not a problem – do on my shoulders he went, and I just gritted my teeth due to my painful foot 😀
Now there is no agenda to this next bit, it’s just an account of what happened (I unlike other people, am not out to points score, maybe if I did indulge in their silly games things would be a little different, but I don’t, I only ever do what’s best for my kids). Aiden handed over the chocolate bar when we got to school, and we told Mrs C about the chat we had yesterday, he said sorry for what he did yesterday (of his own volition), and gave her a hug. Aiden then asked who would be picking him up from school, when he received the answer he got a little upset 😦
I won’t outline the answer as again just to reiterate, I’m not point scoring……..
Well it was a lonely day today, but being ill I got plenty of rest and sleep, due to Aiden attending full days at school I didn’t need to pick him up this afternoon. But because I have the kids bag with their medicines and yesterday’s school clothes in, I thought that in line with the established routine (in that the bag would be collect from me – it used to be the bag & Aiden, thereby allowing my kids to see me in the afternoon as they always have done on a Wednesday). However the evening passed with no little visitors and I still have the bag, quite a sorry state of affairs. Entirely understandable if my abode was out of the way, but the route the kids are driven along practically goes past my dwelling, and I am situated exactly halfway between their other house and school.
How very sad…………
Here’s a picture of my little lad clinging to me this morning………..

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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