No pictures to share today, but instead there is a valuable lesson I learned, that I would like to share. Now Im liable to ramble on at great length, but this morning I had one of epiphany moments. Shockingly it’s about something I already knew, but I caught myself getting sucked into the wrong behaviours by a situation, fortunately I saw my error and got on with what was the right thing to do. Right here goes:
This morning we all got up (Paige from my bed, because she sneaked in about 02-30 and asked if she could cuddle up with me – I did of course agree) and had breakfast, and got dressed, all without incident as per usual. I’d decided that despite the snow and ice on the ground I was going to try walking with Aiden this morning, as I felt up to the challenge, and I thought he would have fun trudging through the snow. To be honest the image I had in my head was of the 3 of us skipping and singing along throwing snowballs and kicking snow into the air hehehe. But that fairy tale image isn’t the issue.
Paige put her wellies and coat on, I dug out a scarf for her to wear, and her ensemble was nicely finished off with hat and gloves. I then proceeded to present Aiden with his wellies to put on, and this point the world exploded. Aiden decided that he didn’t want to go to school, he wanted to watch Penelope Pitstop instead. I stepped back from a screaming Aiden and tried to get him to put his coat and hat on, in the hopes that this would persuade to have his wellies on also. But alas no, Aiden proceeded to have a full meltdown. There was lots of shouting and screaming and attempts to hit and head butt me. Fortunately as things kicked off I asked Paige to wait I. The hallway, and like an absolute star she did it without question and left me to see to Aiden.
Now I’d timed getting ready to allow us enough time to take a steady walk to school and get there on time (wow a sentence with 3 times in, I just couldn’t think of a more suitable word, it does read a little strangely though – sorry). And I started to get anxious myself about getting Aiden ready ad getting the the walk done. This let to, a natural response, me “pushing” and trying to get Aiden into his coat (I know it was never going to work, but I’d let myself slip and got caught up in the moment). Now Im not talking about anything forceful here put any parents will know, there are those times when you just get on with it and get a coat (or shoes) onto a child that doesn’t really want to wear them. Again as this was occurring I was getting more and more worried about the time (I am a stickler for being punctual!)
Fortunately I came to realise the error of my ways. Firstly, this was never going to work, I was thinking in completely the wrong way and just reacting to a situation. Secondly, it really didn’t matter what time we got to school, if we were late – so what, at least I’d have managed to get Aiden to school, and that was the only real goal here surely………. It was a true epiphany, and it felt very much like a face slap, I’d been a 1st class idiot and let myself react to a situation that I really knew better about!
So how did I go about solving the current issue? Well I knew the best way to deal with it, I’d just enacted upon it, I’d wasted valuable knowledge. I spent 10 minutes tickling Aiden and giving him cuddles. After this he just went straight to his wellies and put them on, quickly followed by his hat and coat. He then ran to the door and was eager to get out into the snow and enjoy an adventure with me and Paige πŸ˜‰
We ended up a little over 5 minutes late, the teachers were still waiting to let the kids in though, but even if try weren’t, it wasn’t really a problem πŸ™‚
Unfortunately Aiden did have another meltdown just as we got near the school, so he wasn’t in the happiest frame of mind when we got there, but his TA took his hand and guided him into school wonderfully. Even better according to today’s email, he had a great day at school today and was very attentive πŸ˜‰
Well there you go, sorry for the ramble, I am still kicking myself for reacting the wrong way to the situation 😦 But we got there in the end. Tomorrow there’s a meeting at the school in the afternoon about Aiden (called an IEP), it’s just one where we set goals and targets for his learning, so Im looking forward to that πŸ™‚

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