Well the main thing today was a meeting about Aiden at school. As a special bonus I got to spend a good 20 minutes with the little ones, which alone made the meeting worthwhile 😀
On the whole the meeting was very good, with lots of praise about Aiden’s progress. There were some concerns raised about his recent adoption of more violent negative behaviour, and also about whether he could achieve his potential in a normal school environment.
I’m choosing not to dwell on them particularly (partly because I think there may have been a hidden agenda wrapped up in one of them), because as I mentioned, there are a number I big factors to take into account. Firstly that he has only just started full days, secondly that he has only just come back from Christmas holidays, and thirdly that upon returning to school he has been ill. All of these factors need taking into account before any decisions are considered.
Aiden also appears to be at that developmental (almost toddler) stage where by he always asks for whichever parent isn’t around at the time. Again this to me just seems like perfectly regular behaviour.
His TA and Teacher were great and so full of praise for him, as well as eager to acknowledge all if our little victories 🙂

That’s enough rambling from me, it was mainly a positive meeting 😉

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