Awesome! I’m so excited I can barely devote any attention to writing a post today 🙂
I have the little ones (always a big yay!), and it’s Paige’s 7th birthday tomorrow, and we have a few little surprises in store for her – the first was coming away for the weekend to our lovely friends house, where we have a happy house full of kids 😉
Upon collecting the little ones from school I was asked by Aiden’s teacher if I was available to accompany him (& his class) on a school trip on Monday to a farm for the day……. Now because I should have been working on Monday, I had to make a quick call to my amazing boss. Fortunately they were fantastic about it, and don’t have a problem with me taking Monday off as holiday on such short notice (I of course explained the reason). So after a weekend with the little ones I’ll get to spend Monday with Aiden in a school trip 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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