A great start to the day as usual for a Wednesday, I got up and started making breakfast for the little ones. Last night at about 01-30 Pair came into my room and asked if she could clamber into bed with me as she’d had a bad dream. What struck me as odd about this was that I’d just been woken by a bad dream too, so Paige was a welcome addition to Daddy’s bed 🙂
It’s entirely possible that I heard Paige having a bad dream and that’s what caused mine of course 😉 I grabbed an early morning picture of her safely tucked up in my bed anyway.
Our walk to school was fun, Aiden managed to walk about 2 thirds of the way before deciding he didn’t want to walk anymore, fortunately Daddy’s broad shoulders provided transport for the rest of the journey, even though I was also carrying my Roman Centurion Helmet for Paige to take into school (due to their Roman project).
The teachers were amazed when Paige turned up with the Helmet (having a geek dad has it’s uses), and due to the reports from Paige this afternoon it was greatly appreciated (I said they can hang onto it while they complete the project).
According to the email I received this evening, Auden had a great morning. The afternoon was somewhat marred by Auden insisting he was poorly and wanted to go home (he wasn’t poorly). This afternoon a fellow pupil had shared Aiden’s quiet corner, his pupil was poorly and subsequently went home early, therefore it seems Aiden latched onto this. At the end of the email was a great bit which I have to share:
Aside from this afternoon, Aiden has had a brilliant first few days back after half term, he has been happy, co-operative and very, very giggly.
Well it made me smile as I go into the long lonely stint 😉

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