Hmmm the little ones left me this evening, and there’s that old familiars ache in the out if my stomach to accompany the horrible silence 😦 I know, they’ll be back again on Tuesday but it still isn’t nice……….
Well because Teddy Larkfields was with us the plan was to go out adventuring today so that Paige and Teddy Larkfields had some adventures to write about. Will as seems to have been the case with all plans laid this weekend, whether by small cute rodents or large bipedal mammals, things gang aft agley.
We woke this morning to find a veritable blizzard battering the local area, now while the snow didn’t really settle, the icy and snow laden wind made conditions outside a little parkie to say the least. Nevertheless I grabbed a couple of little adventurers along with a previously named stuffed you guest, and out into the cold we went.
Now we were at our lovely friends, so I opted to just grab a photo opportunity at the rather nice village sign. Te 2 little ones did complain profusely about the arctic conditions, but at least we ventured out for an adventure of sorts 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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