Once again the sounds of little ones sleeping permeate around my humble abode. We had lots of cuddles this evening, and they were both very excited when I produced a pizza for their tea, I just looked on jealously and begrudgingly served myself up something with no Gluten in 😉
When it came to homework time, Paige read her book to me and Aiden. The book was Chicken Licken (the basis of the Chicken Little film from a couple of years ago (with the voice talent of Zachary Braff (him from Scrubs)), where the chicken panics about the sky falling).
Paige read to us beautifully, and we all joined in with the chorus line of “The Sky is falling!” Whenever it came up (it comes up a lot!). When the end of the book was upon us, I, like both little ones (*** SPOILER ALERT ***), was shocked to find out that Chicken Licken and his friends gets eaten by Foxy Loxy!?! I didn’t see that ending coming 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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