So just the one day without my little ones, and due to previously booked Zombie shenanigans I’d booked the day off work – sadly the Zombie plans got dropped due to fiscal frugality πŸ™‚
But off for a wander around some shops I went with a lovely friend. As we passed a charity book shop (Oxfam) a book in the window caught my eye. It was a book by David Gemmell, but upon looking at the price, I decided against – Β£9-99 for a second hand book seemed a little too steep for me – even it was for charity πŸ™‚
Still I wandered on, and was overjoyed to find an amazing offer on a charity bookstall contained in another shop. I’ve included pictures of my find. It’s a Flashman book (a series that taught me more about history and geography than years of schooling), this book appears to be a 2nd edition (printed in 1974 a so the same age as me), and it cost 50p from the charity stall. Upon looking at the back of the book I discovered that, when brand new, the book did cost 50p anyway πŸ™‚
Very happy with my find πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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