Right, I’ve finally decided to man up and do it, it’s an idea that’s been bouncing around my head for a while no, so I thought I’d better go ahead and set wheels in motion.
April is Autism Awareness Month around the world, and many national landmarks lit themselves up blue to “Go Blue for Autism” and help raise both money and awareness.
Now my epic manly beard should be a national treasure, so it seems only fair that I due it blue and also Go Blue for Autism throughout April. Yep I’ll be sporting a delightful blue beard all through April.
Yes, I will look silly, but hey I don’t mind people staring at me when I’m out with Aiden and we’re dancing, skipping and singing our way along the street. Besides if anyone asks I’ll proudly say that I’ve gone Blue for Autism πŸ˜€

Clearly it is an epic opportunity to not only raise a little bit of awareness but also to maybe raise a few little pennies for charity. Therefore if you’d like to make a donation you can go here:
I’m donating the proceeds to The National Autistic Society.
Alternatively just point and laugh if you see me πŸ˜‰


Malinari – soon to be blue tinged πŸ˜‰