A very chilled out day today, I didn’t feel too bad about the little ones being elsewhere, but I imagine that’s because they’re only away for 24 hours, although reports say Paige is ill, so I’ll find out tomorrow. I sincerely hope it’s not a pattern that’s emerging there, because that would be most unfortunate and silly :-/
I forgot to mention that as part of the delicious Sunday lunch that Paige and I were treated to yesterday, there were some Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings. This made me very happy, and I enjoyed every morsel 😉
I cooked up a bit of magic in the kitchen this evening, and was paid a rather nice compliment with the suggestion that I go and work in a professional kitchen – but my method of cooking is too chaotic to transfer to a proper kitchen – I refuse to follow recipes and cook by taste and smell – fortunately my luck has held out for years and I’ve not managed to make anything that’s unplayable or poisonous 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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