Ok, a bit more with it today πŸ™‚ So the weekend has certainly been interesting, though I’d have preferred it to have been interesting due to me being a Zombie in a film, which of course didn’t happen 😦
Yesterday is a but of blur, thanks to the progressive debilitating pain I suffered. Long term readers will know that I’m very familiar with dental pain, but this was the worst by a long way. It just pervaded everything I was doing, making functioning normally impossible. So my lovely friend managed to get me an appointment with the emergency dentist (which costs Β£18! Although that’s actually cheaper than a regular trip to the dentist, which would likely have cost about Β£50), and get me there in 1 piece on time for the appointment πŸ™‚
There was the usual half hour wait past the appointment time which seems to characterise all medical appointments.
Once in their the dentist had a quick look to assess the damage, followed by an X-ray. Rather nicely I got to look at the X-ray and have a lovely chat with the Elfin like dentist (my usual mouth mangler usually keeps all this stuff secret!). It turns out I possess unusual teeth, as she pointed out what all the black lines on the ray were. There was a big lack line at the top – the nerve & root – and then a few horizontal lines, these are apparently ancillary nerves running across the tooth, and are an unusual feature – she also pointed them out in my other teeth. The final bit was the tooth hiding above the bad one, which is a Wisdom tooth, and on one hand didn’t really help the subsequent extraction, as it was tangled up with the root of the offending tooth, but chances are it will now slowly descend and take up the vacant position πŸ™‚
So, after the usual 3 painful injections (and a different injection was used, as I pointed out I react badly (nb – it worked as well!)), I had to wait for them to take effect. From the point on time seemed to go a little sluggishly. Thankfully I didn’t pass out from the injection Yay!
I was offered the option of trying to save the tooth, however due to fractures and ancillary nerves all over the place, instead of the usual 70% chance of success I was told it’d be more like 30%. Hence I opted to have it removed πŸ™‚
The removal took a long time, I heard lots of worrying comments from the dentist. I also required 3 more injections, as the ancillary nerves hadn’t been anaesthetised, so it was pretty traumatic, here’s a sample of the phrases I remember:
“It’s just chipping away”
“Suction please, We need to clear away all of this pus”
“I’m going to need some different grips”
“Are there any with a small point”
“It’s just coming apart”
“Yeah let’s try the premolar ones”
“Sorry about them digging into your lips, but I’ve got it now, and I’m not going to let it go”
“Right here we go I an twist it now”
“I’ve just got to manoeuvre it around that Wisdom tooth”
“Hmmm let’s me just check if that’s bone or a tooth, nope it’s definitely the Wisdom Tooth”
“The bleeding isn’t stopping, pass me the Haemostat”
“Still no let up in the bleeding, lets go with sutures”
“Don’t show those stitches to any OR Doctors will you, I’m not particularly proud of them, but t was the best I could do”

So I hope that gives a little flavour if the sort of weekend it’s been. I’m still in lots of pain, and need to keep dosed up on painkillers, but at least I know this discomfort will pass in a short while πŸ™‚
On the plus side it certainly helped keep my mind off the fact that my little ones aren’t here with me πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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