Phew, what a busy fun filled day, it started at 04-00 when Aiden decided to once again verify how comfortable it is sleeping with Daddy πŸ™‚
Once the hour was far more sociable we got up and I made sure Paige was up to date with Doctor Who (as she didn’t get to watch it last weekend), and then we met up with my lovely friend and set off to their place, which was a good choice, as we’ve had great weather and they have a nice big garden πŸ™‚
This meant the little ones got to experience masses of static electricity by playing on the trampoline – Aiden kept complaining that Paige was zapping him hehehe. They also enjoyed lots of running around the garden, and Aiden was adamant that I play with his “nerf” gun with him πŸ™‚
As the glorious afternoon wore on we all went out for a walk, and got to play many games if Pooh Sticks πŸ™‚ Whilst at the bridge I remembered a thing we used to do as kids which involved folding a lead to make a rough boat. I gathered some Ivy leaves and the little ones were astounded πŸ™‚
On the walk back we saw a field full of lambs bleating with their mums. Throughout this adventure filled day I’d also been busy constructing a model Space Shuttle out of Junk for the kids. The reason being that the book Paige had to read for homework on Tues night detailed how to build one, so I made Paige an offer – if she could get the book again on Friday I would make sure we made the model over the weekend. Well, Paige upheld her part of the deal, so I racked up loads high scoring “Daddy Points” by building the model (painting should start tomorrow).
Right lots a pictures to share, here you go:

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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