Yay! I got lots of cuddles and chuckles this evening 🙂 There was a meeting this afternoon at school to talk about Aiden and how he’s doing. His Key Worker has just been changed to an Autism Specialist, so it was good to finally meet her. She had visited Aiden in school last Friday and was immensely impressed, both with Aiden and with everything the school are doing. This has made the school feel much happier about continuing to have Aiden (they had a little wobble at the beginning of the year).
I also decided that due to being at the school early this afternoon for the meeting, and given the lovely weather we’re currently experiencing, to leave Aiden’s push chair at home, and try walking him home. Now he only managed to walk about a fifth of the way, but that’s “literally” a big step in the right direction. Hopefully the good weather will continue and I’ll be able to build in this 🙂

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