Yay! The little ones are here 😀
However not so yay is the fact that I was called by the school ad asked to pick them up early as Aiden had a temperature, and really wasn’t feeling very well. This meant that he didn’t have the best day at school today. Not that he was bad or anything, just that he really retreated into himself and couldn’t be coaxed to join in with anything. I managed to pick them both up (as the school allowed Paige to not only sit with him while he was poorly, but also to leave early as well) about 40 minutes early.
Aiden had been like a limpet this evening, and therefore the level of cuddles have been turned up to 11! He did go sleep earlier. But, it’s currently 02-00, and I’ve only just got him back to sleep after he woke at around 23-00 just wanting me to cuddle him 🙂
Time for a few hours sleep now, before I see if he’s up to a day at school, or would be better served by Daddy cuddles all day 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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