Bleurgh, quite a tiring day today, I got the little ones thus morning. But they’re both poorly – hence they weren’t at school.
Aiden has been limpet like again, bless him, and unfortunately the virus has really knocked him for a six. He ends up with a sky rocketing temperature, which only comes down when Calpol is given.
I was getting really worried because as well as being off his food, he was refusing to drink. I could see his mouth was dry, and his lips were starting to crack. All he was interested in was when he could have some more medicine. This led me to try a sneaky underhand tactic, I took his juice cup into the kitchen and then came back into the living room shaking it vigorously. I then told Aiden I had mixed some medicine into his juice. Sure enough he started to drink it then. Fortunately I was able to keep this pretence up by just shaking his juice cup, and he would then have a drink, which was a relief :-/
A grabbed a quick picture of him during one of his many trips to the bedroom.

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