Well with a very poorly Aiden last night, sleep didn’t grace me with it’s presence until about 03-00, and then Aiden was awake at 07-00, so today has been a little hazy 🙂
However there have been a few awesome achievements. Firstly throughout the day Aiden has improved loads – Yay!
Next we managed to blah a free BBQ. My lovely friend (as we’re visiting for the weekend as usual), has a neighbour that was throwing out an old gas BBQ, as they have had trouble with it. I suggested it would be fine to use it as a charcoal BBQ (and actually that’s how I’ve always BBQ’d, I’m not a fan of the gas ones), so we’ve recycled it 😉
Finally we had Steak for tea tonight, along with the usual accoutrements (including my home made Pepper Sauce). Now we really fancied Onion Rings, but because of my silly Gluten misunderstanding Onion Rings are toxic…………… Ahhhhhh but armed with a bag of Gluten free flour, I quickly (and largely by guess work!) knocked up some batter, I couldn’t help seasoning it with a little Garlic as well. And successfully created home made Gluten free Onion Rings (with a hint of Garlic). I proudly took a picture of the meal we created, it was very nice 😀

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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