It wasn’t the most auspicious morning today, we were slightly delayed in leaving for our walk to school, so it was a bit more of a rush than usual. Obviously from that point on I wash acing a struggle, even though it was a very slight change to routine. But, it took a turn for the worse, and in a way that may not be entirely obvious. During our somewhat rushed walk (I carried Aiden on my shoulders most of the way) it suddenly started to rain. This actually caused more trouble than being behind schedule. This exposure to rain really upset Aiden, and upon getting to school (still in plenty of time), he became upset, especially when it was time to go inside. Now this wasn’t due to being overly moist, as I fortunately had a change of jacket for him, meaning he was nice and dry for going into school.
I did ring the school later in the morning to check he was ok, and he was fine, and had settled down after being upset – phew. It just goes to show that the slightest of changes can have such a big impact.
I thought I’d share a couple if pictures today, the first shows a picture I decided to take after being told by a friend that with my funny colour beard as it is I not only look older, but look like a Sith Lord. Clearly I couldn’t let this pass, so tried staging a picture, I quite like it, and I’m adopting the name Darth Flange 🙂
Finally I picked up some nice cheese again. I took the picture because it amuses me that up to 6 months ago I didn’t like Mature Stilton cheese. Now however I love it, I’m amused at how my taste buds have changed in such time. It is definitely a grown up cheese 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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