Work stepped up to the plate today to keep me distracted during the short period I’m separated from the little ones. Last Friday whilst I wasn’t at work there was a minor office move, more like a series of desk swaps. I’m pleased to announce that My desk didn’t move, ergo I occupy the position of burning inferno of Hydrogen around which the rest of the office orbits πŸ™‚
I enjoyed another evening of French Cricket tonight with my lovely friends younglings, it looks like this may be a permanent fixture πŸ™‚
Finally in tonight’s episode of Game of Throne Daario Naharis put in an appearance, a very cool character for those in the know. No sadly although he’s still pretty darn cool in the TV series there are a couple of minor issues with him. Firstly he’s an officer of the 2nd Sons and not the Storm Crows, secondly (and far more importantly). He is completely without his incredibly manly and luxuriant Blue Beard! I was looking forward to his introduction, so that people would be able to politely draw comparisons to my recent blue facial fuzz and a favoured character of mine………… Fortunately they did see fit to furnish him with his trademark weapons πŸ™‚
To finish off, I’ve received a message that Aiden is poorly and therefore didn’t go school today, and isn’t going tomorrow. Boo! Although at least he’ll spend a day with Daddy πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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