I had a poorly Aiden with me all day today. Whilst he’s mostly ok at the moment the slightest thing can upset him, but then I guess we’re all like that when we feel under the weather. I for one can sympathise with the feeling of being ill with a bad stomach, as that’s what he has currently.
When we’d collected Paige from school we popped into our local Fruit& Veg shop (as we very often do), primarily to pick up some bananas for Paige. As always Paige was chatting an charming the shop owner and staff. Throughout our time in the shop Paige had asked if I could buy her some strawberries, but I couldn’t stretch fiscally to them so had to say no. Well once we’d paid for our little bit of fruit the owner vanished and then reappeared with a little punnet of strawberries for Paige, which he if course let we have for free. How awesome was that 🙂
What a great shop!
Well the little ones are fast asleep this evening, and unfortunately due to continuing stomach issues I think I’ll have to keep Aiden off school tomorrow.
I did also have a fairly interesting mostly internal discourse tonight about humour. What brought it about was the news coverage of the horrific tornado that has struck Oaklahoma. Now this is a terrible tragedy. I view these things as Mother Nature flexing we muscles just to show us what she’s capable of. I’m not belittling the horror of it though. And my thoughts go out to all those that have been affected by it. But unfortunately it led my mind down an inappropriate path. Now due to the (largely) emotional turmoil I’ve been through over the last few years, I’ve relied on seeing comedy and something funny in a bad situation. That’s what got me through some really shitty times. Just keep smiling and chuckling away, find something to amuse yourself in the situation. Well it’s clearly an automatic response now, as whilst watching the news coverage, something dropped in. I’ve managed to not post it anywhere as I can see it won’t be well received, in fact it could well cause an uproar. And that wouldn’t by why I was wanting to post it. And all this from someone that believes if you’re going to be offended, the. Just go ahead and be. That’s your right, these things are entirely subjective. But this was more than a few steps too far. Still it did serve to eat the old grey matter ticking over about humour, and not only how it’s received, but how we use it.
Right Ill stop waffling now – a clear sign that the grey matter is bubbling away 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People


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