An awesome day with the little ones! I finally got a chance to take them swimming as I was able to have some lovely help. I’ve wanted to take them swimming for ages, but when you’re on your own, and with 2 little ones to look after in the pool, one of whom has additional needs and needs to be carefully supervised throughout the situation, it’s just not been achievable. But finally, I got them to a pool πŸ™‚
I violist they both loved it, and I was able to start teaching Paige to swim. Aiden I just concentrated on letting him enjoy himself as it was his first ever time in a swimming pool (Paige has been once before).
I’m so proud of them both, Paige made some awesome progress, I got her to lay on her back and used to floating (with a little support) without arm bands on, and I got her to go underwater a few times with me. With armbands on she can now doggy paddle πŸ˜€
Aiden loved being pulled through the water and didn’t walking in water up to his neck πŸ™‚
They both had such a fantastic time, since the trip this morning all they’ve wanted to do us go back again. What a great result!
The only slight downside was when it was time to leave, Aiden almost had a meltdown when we were leaving the pool, and wanted to immediately go back into the pool. Still I guess we can’t have it all plain sailing right away πŸ˜‰
Since the swimming trip this morning I’ve just kind of been on cloud 9, it was that big a step for us πŸ™‚ this afternoon I did catch Aiden unknowingly dancing (Ill try and post the video I took of it) – (NB I can’t upload the video unless I pay for it boo!), he just seemed to get high jacked by the beat and seemed oblivious to the dance moves he was doing πŸ™‚
I also got him to pose briefly in the rain as he was proud of his rain coat πŸ˜‰

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