It was a slight change of pace today but then yesterday was pretty epic, so it would have been hard to maintain that level again. Aiden insisted we play outside this morning, which then did for a little while. He took a bit of persuading to come in for lunch, we had a big Sunday dinner laid on. Paige eventually demolished her huge dinner, although because she’s such a chatter box, it take’s her a while, but fair play to her, she always manages to eat everything, even it’s gone cold 😉
This afternoon the excitement seemed to finally catch up with Aiden (Paige had already been ambushed by sleeping in this morning until about 10-00!), he crashed this afternoon, and slept most of the PM away. I did expect him to be a little upset when he woke up (as he’d missed his tea), but given that he awoke shortly before it was time for him to leave me, he seemed in a playful mood. I hope that mood continues for school tomorrow 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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