Phew seemed a very hectic day at work, which is different to it being busy. The reason being that Id been tasked with running a report for someone today, the actual report was really simple to do, and it needs to be run at a particular time every 2 weeks. What made it hectic as borderline unpleasant to do was the fact that I ran into IT related problems.
You see I’d been a good boy and fit the right system installed.
I’d also been a good boy and requested a user account be set up for to use, 1 while week before I needed it (at worst it should have taken 2 days to get actioned).
It then transpired that our ever helpful help desk had closed the issue and informed on Friday that I needed to raise an access request a different way……..
Yeah nothing like taken ownership of an issue and helping people is there?!?
The result was that I then needed to spend the entire day trying to get access to a system that I required to run a report on for today. I cast about for alternatives, no-one else close by had the software installed. A begging plea to the help desk resulted in a “ooh the team that handle access requests are backed up with work at the moment, we’ll see what we can do, but you’re unlikely to get a resolution today”.
I’m sure we’ve all similar moments with supposed help desks!
Fortunately I’ve worked previously for the company (before having some extended time off for a complicated dalliance with the family legal system in order to secure time with my lovely little ones). During that time (and a little of this current incarnation), I always made sure that I was helpful to others. I find this is a reasonable way to behave, and also has the bonus of being able to rack up “favours” which people you’ve been helpful to seem only too willing to allow you cash in at a future date.
Well today I burned through an awful lot of these accrued favours, and eventually was to pull off the seemingly impossible task of getting the required access cleared and set up by the end of the day, and thus getting the report all sorted.
It was a long slog to get there, and I pursued many other courses of action, and had many plates spinning trying to solve the issue. I do enjoy problem solving, but I do wish I hadn’t needed to burn quite so many favours today :-/
Well that’s been my hectic day, it’s certainly kept me distracted, so it’ll soon be time for the little ones again – Yay!

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire