Phew, I should warn you first that I’m a little on the tired side tonight, but that’s because I’ve had an epic day with the little ones. Nottingham was holding a special event today called the Armed Forces Day. Basically a chance for the Armed Forces to show a little pomp ceremony ad for everyone to show their support for them. Judging by the heaving crowds it was a success, and myself and the little ones were slap bang in the middle of the crowd πŸ™‚
I may end up going overboard with the picture posts today, but here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve seen today, incidentally pretty much all I’ve heard today has been “Wow this is the best adventure ever Daddy” πŸ™‚
We started off by getting into town and joining the crowds just as the Red Arrows flew over the city (and our heads). A most auspicious start as the little ones eyes went huge at the sight of the aircraft in formation trailing Red, White & Blue smoke πŸ™‚
After watching many marching bands go past, we headed off to a different part of town where the main festivities were being held. This was really well laid out along the bank of the river Trent. As you got there you made your way down to the main staging area, and here’s the cool part, there was a long line of Living History re-enactment groups. Starting with Roman and moving forwards through time chronologically right up to the British Army of the 80’s. even better a friend of mine was in this last group, so Aiden got an especially warm welcome when he wanted to play with the GPMG πŸ™‚
The main area was filled with stands equipment and personnel from all branches of the Armed services. This meant the little ones got to climb and ogle Tanks, Helicopters, Planes, Amunition, Animals, Climbing Walls, Parachutes and Boats.
We did, unfortunately, have to wait in a queue for well over an hour I. Order for the little ones to play a game in a life sized Typhoon. They did manage the queue, but it was helped by the continuing fly past from a Hawker Sea Fury, a Dakota, and the memorial fly past (Spitfire, Hurricane & Lancaster).
Needless to say after spending all day there, 2 very tired children are now snoring from the adjacent bedroom πŸ˜€
Now it’s picture time πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

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