Well I think in the dying stages of the day I finally managed to bud this putrescent bug adieu. Today I manage to drink (and I drank a lot, desperately starting the process if replenishing the list fluids), and tonight I managed to eat. What meal did I select to welcome me back into the land of the living? sausage cobs (for those that don’t live within spitting distance of the Trent River, that’s sausage in a bread roll, and I deliberately chose that long explanation, as if I’d simply put sausage roll, you have been forgiven for thinking that I meant cylindrical sausage meat wrapped in pastry – see, still with me?). Now admittedly I would have preferred bacon cobs (see earlier cob explanation), but I was without any deliciously cured pig. Still they were divine and as a bonus stayed we’re they should have once eaten 🙂
Upon feeling more human I came to that realization that afflicts us all after unpleasant illness, namely that I must burn all of my bedding, as I’d spent so long feverishly laying in it, it seemed plague ridden. Sadly I no longer have a garden, I used to have a lovely bounteous garden. It was great to lounge during a summer evening with the BBQ and chimnea going, surrounded by pear, apple, hazel, plum and chickens. But that’s long gone now, so instead I gathered up the biohazard and let the washing machine sort it out 🙂
Whilst being ill I haven’t even had the energy to do any writing, that may sound pathetic, but it does take a fair bit of concentration – honest it does. But I’m looking to get back into the zone tomorrow 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire