Definitely shifted the last of the bug today, and as the day was a scorcher I started it off with a stunning 5 mile walk, in truth the walk took me to my lovely friends house, so there was an ulterior motive. But, the blue sky was a very pleasant walking companion, even if I had forgotten to take my antihistamine, so was itchy with hives and hay fever upon completion of my little jaunt 🙂
I was really pleased that I managed to get a good few hours writing in, which has rocketed my word count up to 5,200. I don’t think that’s too shabby, although I may have been a little over excited by making it public knowledge via the book of faces. But I did feel pretty proud in steaming through the 5,000 word mark. In fact that reminds me, I must make sure I back up today’s hard work, just in case. After all I’m doing it on a positively steam powered laptop that I dug out. All the really good laptops from my financial and computing hey day went over to the other side as it were :-/
As I’m actually in the middle of my Long Lonely Stint, and have spent most it self obsessing over the state of my internal workings, I thought I would share a picture I took on Wednesday morning. Every morning they are with me, once they are dressed they make a bee line for my bedroom. When I join them I asked to make then smell nice 🙂 I have a few unused bottles of various fragrances, and I administer the smelly much to their delight. So here is Aiden “assuming the position” as it were and directing me where to spray some fine fragrance (Paige had run off to brush her hair).

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire