A strange day today, so I started by doing some extra hours at work this morning, but needed to leave at midday in order to get back and have Aiden as he’s currently off school ill. The time at work flew by and then before I knew it little man was arriving 🙂
Unfortunately he is pretty ill. Yesterday he developed a German Measle type rash, but he’s been checked out at the doctors and its apparently a vital rash. He just wanted plenty of cuddles with me, and hasn’t really eaten anything. Then this evening Aiden announced to me that his mouth hurt, I was a little confused, but I now know that when he sad that it means he’s about to projectile vomit. Well we got all cleaned up and sorted out after that, and as the pictures show Aiden has discovered a technique for keeping a bowl close by. As a result of all this he hasn’t been too keen on sleeping, it’s currently 00-45 and he’s not long finished another bout of vomiting.
A further annoyance is that some complete tosser has chosen tonight to air a grievance with another of the flat tenants in the building. This grievance has manifest itself in the need to throw himself violently at the heavily sturdily built security door to the whole block. There was a brief exchange of shouting which sounded like it included a challenge to prove ones manliness. It was mildly annoying, but fortunately after barely 2 minutes the chap’s stamina must have worn out as it all stopped. A good job really as the Police were about to get summoned, thankfully it didn’t wake the little ones.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire