It’s been a hazy day today, I’m still kind of hungover from the night of no sleep on Tuesday, but it does take me a while to get back on an even keel. Which is a little odd as I can function on all cylinders indefinitely with only 3-4 hours sleep a night. Any sleep over 5 hours is a big bonus for me. But on those, thankfully rare occasions when sleep is completely missed it does take it out of me.
I think those sleep patterns are something many parents of children with autism are familiar with. Now I’m sure there are parents of young children up in arms right now, pointing out their experiences with sleep deprivation, but trust me, sleep and autism (especially in the early years) do not go together. I managed nearly 6 months of just over an hours sleep per night, and a full time job – not something I’d recommend though. And to be honest Aiden’s sleeping is usually faultless when he’s with me, 10-12 hours nowadays (it’s like he’s making up for all that he missed), but the recent illness had a massive effect 🙂
So I was largely in zombie mode at work today, and I don’t think it helped that I was learning a new job either. I’m helping out with another team at the moment, so it was lots of slow learning for me today, I’m very much still at the Conscious Competence stage, still I’m back in tomorrow morning for more practice, before heading home to receive a still poorly Aiden. Then it’s a weekend of fun planned for us all 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire