Well a pretty fun but busy day at work today. It has been punctuated, rather painfully, by really bad toothache, in fact it’s got to such a stage tonight, that I think I’m finally going to need to submit to a consultation with the mouth mangler, so this puts my plans to work tomorrow morning on the back burner 😦
But I can’t really be too sad about that as I spent a considerable time this evening standing outside in the middle of a glorious thunder storm, in fact it’s still raging outside. I love standing in a storm, and it even put on a great light show for me 😉
But (again) this was largely irrelevant compared to the email from Aiden’s school, I can do the words themselves no better justice than just simply providing a copy if them, so here goes:
“A wonderful day! Just before lunchtime today Aiden said “I want to go to the toilet”. I was even more thrilled when after he had been he said “I want to wear big boy pants”. Straight after lunch, after checking with Mum we changed him into a pair of pants, which he thought was brilliant. He has managed to keep them dry all afternoon with only a couple of visits to the toilet. A big well done Aiden!”
Yeah how freaking awesome is that 😀
I can’t wait to see my little ones tomorrow 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire