A day filled with fun and pain, but the fun made the pain bearable πŸ™‚
Aiden spent most of the day in his Big Boy Pants, although we had a major flooding incident. But I think I know how to avoid that next time. It looked, by the way he was standing, like he wanted the toilet, so I asked him if that was the case. He answered no. I then left it a couple of minutes and asked again, he replied no again. This went on a few times, then as soon as was out of the room “uh-oh” and then a big flood. After analyzing things, clearly after the first or second No I should have just said “come on let’s go to the toilet” – lesson learned πŸ™‚
We spent a while at the park this morning, playing on the climbing frame/slide and swings (Aiden also managed, by himself, that old favorite that we’ve all done, walking UP the Slide hehehe), as well as playing Tig/Tag (which ever you prefer to call it), and “What’s the time Mr Wolf” – which was all great fun πŸ™‚
This afternoon it was my Mouth Mangler appointment. As predicted an abscess is forming, so an X-ray was taken and antibiotics prescribed (more on them in a minute).
Obviously I had the little ones with me, and deemed it best that they wait in the waiting room playing with toys. I explained the situation to the 2 young ladies on reception (pointing out Aidens autism, free all its better to make people aware early on – I always take the option of telling people and risking my embarrassment, than having to correct things afterwards). Rather awesomely one of the receptionists used to work with autistic children, so she was great, one less worry for me πŸ˜€
Now back to the antibiotics, when I got to the dentist I was required to fill out more forms again (I have to do it every time), and once again filled out the bit about my allergies. Including my allergy to penicillin, which was discovered the last time the dentist prescribed me antibiotics and I ended up spending the night in A&E.
My dental records do state this allergy on the front in big letters. However when I got home I only just thought to check prescription. And sure enough it was for a potentially fatal poison…………. I went back to get it changed, and the dentist was a bit funny about it, claiming my forms dust mention the allergy. The nice receptionist from earlier showed me an old form I’d filled in when I first went to the dentist, clearly without any mention of penicillin on. However I told her I’d filled many versions of that form since, including one that very afternoon which had the information on. She found this forms and then showed me the big message on the front of my file. She then went off to beat the dentist around the head with the clearly marked file πŸ™‚
I now have the correct non fatal prescription πŸ™‚
This evening to help the burden endured by the pain killers I broke out an old friend – and Released the Kraken!
Oh yeah and finally the receptionist gave the little ones an activity book each to play with – which was pretty cool. I couldn’t help but chuckle though. Look carefully at the writing across the top. The Dental practice is called Kimberley Family Dental Practice, oops a pretty silly typo πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire