Well a largely enjoyable day at work was had, and last night I had the pleasure of some good reading material. My favourite Zompocalypse author has flexed his literary muscles and written some great Pirate fiction. Yeah I know first Zombies and now Pirates, if there aren’t Ninja’s in the future I’m going to be mildly miffed 😉
Anyway head over here and enjoy the work. I enjoyed it as a bedtime read last night.
And speaking of bedtime, it all started out so well last night, I managed to tear myself away from watching the 300. I only caught a little of it while channel hopping and ended up “just watching another 5 minutes” – I love that film, and the real story behind, having read up on it extensively 🙂
Anyway back to last night, I was rudely awaken by one of the neighbours being escorted away by the Police, there was lots of wailing, banging and shouting. And it wasn’t even the scumbag drug dealers that the police were visiting. From what I overheard, not by choice I might add, there was an incident of racial abuse report by the local shop. Well thanks to that neighbour and the subsequent pandemonium that ensued, it was the very early hours until I was able to sleep.
It’s my trip to the mouth mangler tomorrow, hopefully for a root canal. The good news is that face splitting pain subsided somewhat today, to a mild annoyance, the digestive problem however, continued a plenty 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire