OK this is a little weird, I usually update my blog last thing and via the app on my phone, however circumstances are a little different, and for the first time since about post number 8 I’m updating this via a desktop PC. It feels somewhat unnatural, the reason behind this is that I’ve taken an impromptu excursion today, and forgotten my phone charger, and being an Apple product the battery rapidly diminishes within about an hour of the last charge 🙂

Well the little ones are with me today, so that’s pretty fricking good, Aiden has been awesome with his “big boy pants” again, and even asked even made another great step forward today – Now I’m going to brag about something weird, so brace yourself – This evening he asked to go to the toilet, and have a poo hehehe, which he managed, this is the very 1st time he has done this, so the progress he is making is amazing in a short space of time – I’m so chuffed 🙂

It was torture day for me today with the Mouth Mangler, so my folks came up to look after the little while I went and manned up for some serious suffering. It was a good decision to not have the little ones come along today, because I knew it was going to be a serious torture session – oh how prophetic I was :-\

On the plus side I didn’t [ass out, or make a fool of myself when the injection was implemented, however as usual my body went into overdrive and I successfully fogged up the safety glasses they had put on me. Then the single worst torture session I’ve at the hands of the Mouth Mangler began. he said the usual “just raise your hand if you feel any pain”. The drilling and digging started (it was a root canal, I’ve had them before and knew what to expect, sometimes you get a little discomfort as they dig out the nerve), and everything was fine. Then he moved on to plucking the nerve out, he managed to get hold of the nerve fine, and even get it out, but at that point I was practically on the ceiling with the pain. To be fair he was quite good, and from what I can figure out through the haze of face rupturing pain, he stuck a needle directly into the place the nerve came from and injected more anaesthetic. This cranked up the pain to 11 (yes I’m sure I’m just a wimp and things like childbirth are far worse, but from my limited dalliances with pain, this was Spinal Tap inspired 11), I was literally (actually not really, just figuratively to be honest) crawling across the ceiling by this point.

He seemed a little puzzled, so took a quick X-ray, and filled in the tooth. After consulting the X-ray, he rather calmly informed me thus “I’m afraid the root is much longer than I thought, which means I’m unable to get it all out today, I’ve managed to extract a bit of it, the rest is still very far up into your jaw, I’ve temporarily filled the tooth, so you need to come back in 2 weeks to get the rest of the root out.”

This was all delivered very matter of factly, I’m not sure if it’s another example of my teeth being unnatural or the Mangler just being incompetent. either way I’m in a great deal of pain again 😦 I should also point out that although I finished the evil antibiotics today, the stomach problems are continuing, and are likely to for the rest of the week at least 😦

In light of this, once I’d staggered home, the folks kindly offered to put me and the little ones up for the night, which is a tremendous help for me in my present pathetic state 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire