I’m having a few technical issues tonight, which means I’ve got some great pictures of an adventure we had this morning that I’m unable to share at the moment, however I might be able to get them up in the morning, if so I’ll create a separate post for them.
Well myself, my Dad, Paige and Aiden all went out for a walk together this morning. Paige and Aiden were both keen on running up a big hill, incidentally a hill they sledged down at the beginning of last year. And when we got to the hill they both took off up the hill laughing and screaming πŸ™‚ even better when they got to the top (which took a while), they turned around and came running and giggling back down. Obviously from my description you may note that neither adult accompanied them up and down the hill – we’ve got more sense, besides it was funny watching them run up and down πŸ˜€
We also managed a little bit of tree climbing, unfortunately for the walk back we a but of rain accompanying us, but it was warm and none of us really minded πŸ™‚
We had a great time with the folks, and the little ones especially enjoyed it, eventually we were returned home, and the then the little ones left me to begin my long lonely stint. As an update on Aiden’s toilet training, not a single accident has occurred, he’s been a star πŸ™‚
This evening I was lucky enough to have Geek night, some there has been some battling with the minions of Cthulhu, Victorian style. The shock revelation of the evening was that a horse being ridden into a Zombie, does more damage than a firearm. That wasn’t discovered by my character though, my character (the only working class none professional of the group, in fact he’s the servant of the horse riding Aristocratic Fop) just shocked the other party members (all except his boss that is) by pulling out a sawn off shotgun and helping to save them from a large group of animated corpses. In fact our little duo (of master and servant) pretty much handled the while combat ourselves – its a good job we made our sanity checks – Next time out the party is going I let us blow things up, after all they do owe us hehehe. Surprisingly enough, for Call of Cthulhu we’ve managed 2 sessions now without losing a party member, I’m guessing it won’t be the case next time out πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

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