Phew what a hectic day, we had a wedding to go to today. Now church’s really aren’t my thing, but fair play to the vicar involved today. If I was inclined to enter the imaginary friend circle then he’d by just the type of story teller Id be happy to go and see for moral guidance, in the absence of making my own common sense decisions πŸ™‚
The wedding was of course lovely, the speeches amusing, there was a Best Lady instead of a Best Man, it was quite a complicated story πŸ™‚ when the food was served, there was absolutely nothing I could have, fortunately we’d gone prepared and I had my own little stash of non toxic food πŸ™‚
Eventually it was disco time, and there the usual awkward half hour where nobody danced. The rhythm took hold of me, and I stepped onto the dance floor. From that moment I ruled the domain, sure others came and fleeting tried to usurp my position, but none had my stamina for dance πŸ™‚
I even managed to gather a cult of worshipers, blokes who asked what I’d been taking to keep throwing out such moves all night without pause. They eventually settled on constructing a legend around, and where convinced that I must have been a teacher that doesn’t get to go out much – it was all very funny πŸ™‚
I did manage to grab a few pictures, mainly of the Gluten free drinks I was imbibing πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire