It felt like I’d been away for ages when I went to work this morning, it was actually only 1 days holiday I’d booked off, but it had been a week since I was there. Even with that in mind though the time I’d had off felt a lot longer, it must be because we crammed so much into those few days off 🙂
Well work was good, I got to do some of those jobs I really love doing, which always helps time fly (and yes it was lots of Excel work – I’m such a geek).
This evening I spent quite a while stunned and a little chocked up after watching this. Keith Duffy (who for his sins was part of the deplorable boy band Boyzone) talks about his experience with Autism. In particular how he found out his daughter had Autism, and the challenges they faced and overcame. It’s 25 minutes of emotionally charged amazement. I may not have respected the boy band but I definitely respect the guy that’s been through similar experiences as me, in fact he’s pretty heroic as he’s gone out and done some great things.
I’m not saying everyone should watch this, but if you want an honest insight into Autism, it’s a good place to start.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

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