Excellent, that’s the final 24 hours of the extra long lonely stint all but done with, it’s been a long slog. Today work helped to pass the time. I managed to be busy this morning, with enough work to keep me ticking along nicely. But then it all went a bit crazy in the afternoon. Suddenly I was in demand for lots very urgent tasks that only my talents were capable of handling.
Whilst it was nice to busy and have time suddenly speed up a high rate knots, I could have done without the big jobs that appeared on my radar 10 minutes before my official finish time.
Now because I only work part time and won’t be back in the office again until Thursday it was kind of critical to get these done straight away. So I ended up putting in some extra time which coupled with a steady walk home after the bus ride meant it was well into the evening when I got home. Not an ideal situation, but the upside is that I’ve managed to replenish my favors pool.
Sure I could have let someone struggle the Excel work they were doing, I mean they would have got it done eventually using the their method, probably sometime late tomorrow afternoon. But they had been wise enough to ask if I knew of a better way to do it. Yep I did, it took me 10 minutes to do all their work. And because Im nice I spent a little time showing them how I’d done. After all I don’t want to withhold information from people, if it’ll make their life easier, then in happy to share 🙂
I remembered this evening a comment from the Falconer yesterday, I was chatting to him about the Golden Eagle he had. He suggested that I look on YouTube for the clips of Mongolian Shepherds hunting Wolves with their trained Golden Eagles (it’s to protect their flock). I never though a bird would be able to overpower a predator like a wolf, but amazingly the Golden Eagles use their talons to clamp the wolves jaws shut, thus rendering the wolves defenseless during the attack. Now I won’t post the video clips up here, just in case people are a little sensitive to cute little wolves (on the hunt for easy prey) being bested by giant flying death machines. Needless to say, if you are curious then type Mongolian Golden Eagle Hunting Wolf into YouTube to see what’s viewable for educational purposes. Enjoy it not the choose is entirely yours 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire