Damn it! I ruined a perfectly good day today. There was a free family fun day on in the town today, and I was looking forward to taking the little ones along (especially as there was free face painting). Sadly a misadventure on my behalf out a halt to those plans 😦
It took me a while to trace back the cause of the problem, but I figured it out in the end, which took some doing as due to the issues I’m battling fatigue. I was somewhat perplexed to discover that I’ve needed to sped most of the day in the bathroom. Today has been one of those old 20+ trips and 3 rolls of toilet paper in 1 day, I thought I’d left those days behind me. I also had the old familiar (and very debilitating) stomach cramps along with the aforementioned fatigue. I knew what these symptoms meant, but couldn’t understand where this bout of Gluten poisoning had come from. Eventually I realised, it was my own stupidity, I’d picked up a snack from the Crisps (potato chips) section in the shop and hasn’t actually checked the pack, they had a brand name instead of a description, and I hadn’t thought to check. It turns out these weren’t potato crisps but wheat snacks! An incredibly stupid mistake on my part, and it ruined my fun plans for the day 😦
Fortunately for me, the little ones are awesome and we played, cuddled and watched films – they were just great! I did make sure we at least got a walk outside though and made a supreme effort to walk to the shop with them, which they treated as a big adventure (it did wipe me out completely though, how did I ever function like this?)
Whilst out I grabbed a few quick pics, and made sure I got the old abandoned brewery buildings in the background – come the Zompocalypse that’s where I’m setting up shop. Nice sturdy buildings, big strong and high fences and walls, and finally build on top if 2 natural springs (I did some extensive research) 🙂
Aiden has been great with his toilet training today, and even at one point sneaked off alone to the toilet. He’s really got this cracked now – such a big step, I’m so proud of him 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire