Only a couple of pictures to share today, you may be pleased to note. We’re at our lovely friends which means we’re within adventuring distance of the footbridge that is ideal for playing Pooh Sticks. So we ventured out to the bridge before the day was marred by rainfall 🙂
Not only did we have fun playing Pooh Sticks for ages, but we once again (well I made them) made leaf boats again. I started to add a little variation to the basic design of threading the leaf stork through the leaf which creates a “d” or a “b”, or even a “p” or a “q”, dependant upon how you hold it. Well I tried double threading a couple to make the structure a little more sturdy, an the results seemed promising. Next I started to add dried grass storks as outriggers as again there seemed a performance increase (actually a lie as we weren’t timing the races accurately tee hee, but the “boats” were looking good. Finally we reached the pinnacle of boat leaf design, and my 2 young apprentices looked on eagerly. I began by double threading 2 leaves, I then searched for a sturdy and thin dried grass stork. Once I’d located the perfect stork I pierced the structures and positioned 1 at either end of the stork, thus creating a leaf boat catamaran.
I now needed a suitable craft to race against this naturally engineered marvel. Again I double threaded 2 leaves, although this time I’d taken care to pick leaves with extra long storks. Using these extra long storks I inverted the leaves and threaded the storks through the opposite leaf, adding a quick knot on the end of each stork. This created a very strong single hulled double sizes leaf boat.
The racers were very keen to launch there craft from the top of the bridge, then we ran to the other size to see which design would prove the best……………. And the winner was…………….. The catamaran 😉
Fun was had by all 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire