Day 1 of this Long Lonely Stint has been tough, I think it’s because we had nothing but constant laughter for the 2 previous days. On the plus side I had work as a distraction today.
It was another of those Excel heavy days. I spent most most of it unpicking a complicated spreadsheet that had been built by someone else. And to be honest I think they had been taking some serious amounts of prescription and non prescription drugs when they put the spreadsheet together, but rather heroically I managed to knock it into shape and get it working properly 🙂
I’ve felt utterly shattered today, maybe it’s just the effects of the Long Lonely Stint, still lets see how it goes, another day at work tomorrow.
I did get a little ranty about a program on TV this evening. It was a really poor piece of investigative journalism. The program was titled “Kids without Dads” or some other anachronistic diatribe. All but about 2 minutes of the half hour program were about bad dads that abandon their families leaving the mother to raise the children singlehandedly. The brief couple of minutes did show some genuine dads that made an effort, but the cro magnon throwback, that had abandoned his children, but insisted that because he sends them a card every birthday and Chritmas means his doing a proper job as a father, was given at least twice the amount of time. The whole program just served to reinforce the prejudice that exists within the “system”, and makes it impossible for those of us that wish raise our kids, especially those of us that are continually punished for eating to do that and for not bringing about the situation in the first place, while the guilty parties get a completely free ride. The other shockingly sensationalist price of tabloid craptrap that the cockwombles reported about was the casually referenced causal fallacy that “children without dads are more likely to become involved in gangs”. And the statment was made like that with no other reference to factors involved in gang activities like the predominant factor of geographical location. I was apoplectic with indignation. Ah well rant over 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire